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Who We Are

Based in Coral Springs, FL, Policies for the Poor was founded in 2006 to help promote the purchase of low cost insurance for those in need.  Working with charities around the world, it has arranged policies for several hundred recipients.  

The Need


While most countries have healthcare systems in place, there are often substantial limitations on access. In many developing nations, insufficient staff and resources exist to effectively handle the needs of the population. World Health Organization statistics show developing nations bear 93% of the world’s diseases, yet have only 11% of the world’s health spending.

The Solution

Microinsurance, defined by Munich Re as “the protection of low-income people against specific perils for regular premium payments proportionate to the likelihood and cost of the risk involved,” can help improve access to healthcare for the poor.  Think about how valuable your access to healthcare is, and imagine its value to someone living in much more difficult circumstances.


Unfortunately, many in the developing world cannot afford even the relatively small microinsurance premiums – sometimes as low as USD 7 for a year -  so we in the developed world have the chance to assist the poor in having the coverage that can be critical for them in times of acute need.


How it works


Donors send money to one of the charities listed here.  Money sent to the charity is then forwarded to a local microinsurer along with names of local recipients that will be signed up for insurance. The insurer sends documentation to the charity showing that the donation has been applied to underwrite policies for the recipients. The charity then sends documentation to the donor showing the funds were used to buy coverage.


Note that Policies for the Poor neither solicits nor accepts donations.  It's sole purpose is to connect donors with charities that are willing to use donations to buy insurance for the poor.


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