Policies for the Poor

How to help

 Janakalyan  India  NGO that helps organize local community members   in poverty. 

Fair Children Youth Foundation Rwanda NGO whose aim is "to work with all community members for their development."
Goodness and Mercy Missions Cameroon A non-profit organization "aimed at impacting communities in Cameroon."

Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program

Kenya Orphanage in western Kenya.  
Serviperu Peru Microinsurance company offering health and
life insurance to lower income Peruvians
through cooperatives.
Smyrna Development Society  Bangladesh NGO devoted to improving the life conditions
of the poor . . . including women and children
rescued from the clutch of the traffickers." 
Tribal India Health Foundation India NGO "dedicated to supporting the development
of health services for India’s most neglected
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